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After a real studying to the Jordanian market we found this sector provided a service to Jordanian people in terms of the quality of the product which is distinctive and similar to the best technical and international standards. Also it was focused on the market in south and middle Jordan that lacked of the necessary and important kind of industries. And we enhanced our role by creation the real works and improved the performance of our national economy to find a real developed industry.

Where many and varied of our products distinguished by manufacturing of doors for stores (rolling shutter doors) with all of the accessories as lines and the front of doors in different types and sizes. And manufacturing a metal springs ( dangle ) with European standards in accordance to all weights and loads, In addition to decorating iron which is distinguished by a beautiful sight with different decorations and sizes that is suitable for blacksmiths' work. Also we produced the rolling geometric clamp panels with different measurements that are using in the decorations and the engineering construction works, it had a beautiful form as it is characterized by strength and durability. And we provided everything for blacksmiths who are needed for like door hinges, door lockes,door handles.....ect.

From the principle of the development of the industrial work and Accessing Excellence, we established a department for electric motors which provides a customer's requirements. We have electric motors for metal rolling doors with different kinds and loads in accordance with the variable requirements. In addition to we have all kind of sliding door's motors that suitable with all different shapes and sizes. Our team distinguished by professional workers that are able to solve problems even after-sales service.

Also our product distinguished by a high quality which is one of the most important advantages of this product, because we have a lot of experience, accuracy in delivery date, and accuracy in work.

We are keeping to be distinguished by our product, dates, and after-sales service, because we have competitors at the same field. But we faced them with a high International credibility in work that reflexes on a high quality and a good price. Therefore we provide us to be able to control the market and to be advanced in the production. And everything in the future will be able to a Technical Development even up to the highest levels of global productivity.

In order to achieve credibility and provide the best industrial products as mentioned before we established a new factory is based on the modren manufacturing. And it includes many of industrial products and ambitious vision that is distinguished by industerial development. and access us to a high international levels and inter the Arab market with a strong rival without overlook the international commercial markets. That led us to buy a piece of land in a special place to built the factory, offices, halls, and stores that suitable with that ambition.

The strategies of work based on stages starting from the receipt of work until doing the engineering drawings after that a specialist technical department will implement it in the highest quality standards by the most professional trained workers.